I didn’t have what you would call an “average” childhood.  While growing up I spent half of the year in Long Beach, California and the other half in the Sonoran Desert of Santa Cruz County, Arizona.  This way of life allowed me an opportunity to experience the best of two very different worlds.  The collective knowledge I gained from the diverse environments and cultures I encountered as a child enhanced my early life tremendously.

Years later, after attending the University of Arizona, I joined the family business—Produce Distributorship.  Over the next 20 years, I acquired many useful business skills while I traveled extensively throughout Mexico and Southern Arizona, cultivating business relationships, writing contracts, and creating joint ventures with farmers and other business owners.  Skills in land purchasing and leasing, farming operation, financing, promotions, and sales, as well as a fluency in the Spanish language, were soon added to my résumé.

But, perhaps the biggest life lesson of all came in the development of my relationship-building skills.  Throughout all of my dealings, I strove to maintain a business philosophy that was based on the principles of creating mutually beneficial, synergistic partnerships with everyone with whom I dealt.

It was my love for Southern Arizona, especially the Santa Cruz Valley, which drew me to make my home in Tubac.  My passion for land, homes, buildings, and—most of all—working with people in a creative way, prompted me to leave the family business and transition into brokering real estate in this area full-time.

This career change dovetailed perfectly with all of my personal passions and business skills.  Assisting people in finding their passion within a home or property has been rewarding to me in more ways than I could possibly count.  It’s what I love to do.

I have always made it a priority to give back to the charming community that has given us so much.  Through involving ourselves in local organizations, we do our part to enhance peoples’ lives and preserve this beautiful piece of America that we call home.

Recent Years Achievements:

  1. Lead a small team of like-minded individuals and launched a Montessori Charter School in Tubac.  As the President I have enjoyed successful programs for over six years to date
  2. Working on the Board of Directors for “Friends of the Santa Cruz River”, an organization that oversees, studies, and educates people about our beautiful, unique river and being responsible for it
  3. As a past member of the Tubac Chamber of Commerce Board, I worked steadily toward uniting the community as a whole and promoting it through numerous festivals and events throughout the year.
  4. Helped establish the Tubac-Santa Cruz Tourism Council and Arizona Department of Tourism Visitor Center
  5. Great success in selling over 25 Million dollars in Real Estate over the past three years

Currently in the works:

  1. Assisting in stewarding a 55,000 SF commercial development in the heart of Tubac that is a new model and yet boasting Old World experience
  2. Planning a 350 acre eco-friendly planned upscale community bordering National Forrest with 67% open space respecting the lay of the land, wildlife, and conservation of resources
  3. Working on many different aspects of lifestyles & living in Santa Cruz County and promoting responsible building in southern Arizona
  4. Planning a $1,500,000 innovative school facility for the Montessori Charter School as a founder
  5. Planning with a team the infrastructure needed in the area and yet maintaining the incredible feel of our community

I consider myself fortunate to have created an exceptional career in real estate and enjoying a great level of success in other areas of my life as well.

Todd Harrison